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Save the Date: Bioethics and Regulatory Workshops

Bioethics and Regulatory Workshops: Shaping the Future of Climate Research

MICROBES-4-CLIMATE provides access to advanced research infrastructures, training, and support, in order to tackle the multifaceted challenges facing terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems. MICROBES-4-CLIMATE will host the Bioethics and Regulatory Workshops in Vienna, Austria, from 25-27 November 2024. These workshops, divided in two, aim to discuss and showcase which Bioethics and Regulatory frameworks are relevant to the analysis of the complex interplay between microorganisms, plants, and soil within the context of climate change. 

Workshop Details:

  • Part 1: Bioethics – 25-26 November 2024
  • Part 2: Regulatory – 26-27 November 2024
  • Location: AIT, Vienna, Austria

Key Themes:

  • Microbiome
  • Nagoya Protocol
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Biosecurity
  • Planetary Health
  • FAIR Principles
  • Human Health
  • Global common heritage
  • Patents

We invite experts and stakeholders to join us as we assess the current status quo, identify key needs, and develop critical solutions to enable research and address the impacts of climate change.

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Join us in shaping a sustainable future through innovative research and collaborative efforts.





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